About Us

We are a US based media startup that wants to create an independent, well-written Tamil cinema magazine online – a magazine that makes reading about movies almost as much fun as watching them.

We have operations in Chennai and the north america. Our Chennai based creative team is always on the lookout for fresh talent and is filled with outstanding creative talent drawn from both print and TV. We’ll use top drawer technology – fast servers, optimized content delivery and web design that is optimized and user friendly, but we’ll still operate like an old fashioned newspaper. Quotes will be attributed, content will be sourced using our own journalists and personal lives and unattributed gossip (and active voice) will be stayed away from.

“Dreams and dedication are powerful combination.”

Our promise

Our content will always be ours. No advertisers have any influence whatsoever on any of our content. They never will either.

Silverscreen difference

Our ads will be unobtrusive – we will never use flash or popup advertisements and we will never sell your information to make money. We will not use landing pages or redirects. Our videos will not autoplay. As far as possible, we will refrain from accepting ads that cause an obvious conflict of interest, and if in cases where we do, we will disclose our conflicts prominently.