Veeramuthu (Krishna) and Pachaimuthu (Karunakaran) are close friends who do not mind sacrificing their lives for each other. They are very ambitious, and dream of becoming the leaders of a local ‘mandram’ in their locality, which is currently headed by Sura Murugan (Kanna Ravi), with the help of influential politicians. Murugan, who is aware of Veera’s and Pachai’s plans, ensures that he leaves no stone unturned to maintain his domination in their area. Based on the instruction of a respected man (Thambi Ramaiah) in their neighbourhood, the two friends get trained under Sketch Sekhar (Radha Ravi), a gangster-turned-godman. However, situation turns out in such a way that the duo assassinates their trainer. This ‘qualification’ of them lands them a deal.